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Keep up to date with Seacove Resort Coolum accommodation, specials and local events through the Seacove Resort Coolum blog.

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Stunning Saturday

Stunning Saturday
Posted in Location at 24 May, 2014

The only thing that could make this Saturday morning better would be an espresso coffee, consumed as the sun peeked above the clouds. Seacove Resort - Enjoying the Moment on the Sunshine Coast...

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A wander up Mount Coolum

A Wander Up Mount Coolum
Posted in Attractions at 20 May, 2014

There are many activities to do on the Sunshine Coast and a lot of these activities are free. One of our favourite things to do, is climb up Mount Coolum. This beautiful walk takes about 30 minutes from the bottom to the summit and QLD National Parks have...

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Seacove Resort Early Bird Special

Seacove Resort Early Bird Special
Posted in Accommodation at 14 May, 2014

Winter Earlybird Specials Book accommodation from now until August and save $$$$$$ 3 Nights + Save 5% off standard tariff 5 Night + Save10% off standard tariff 7 Night + Save 15% off standard tariff Valid:NOW until 18th September 2014...

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This is Autumn?

This Is Autumn
Posted in Attractions at 13 May, 2014

We took the kids down to Stumers Creek on Sunday afternoon to watch the skydivers land. Addi got a little bored whilst waiting and decide to go for a bit of a wade in Stumers Creek, somehow she managed to stay semi dry. Apparently we are heading into Wint...

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Wot a Long Weekend

Wot A Long Weekend
Posted in Accommodation at 12 May, 2014

It doesn't have to be a public holiday or even a long weekend to enjoy this special at Coolum Beach's Hidden Oasis! Our package includes a complimentary upgrade to a self contained one bedroom apartment, gourmet tapas plate, wine, and chocolates upon arri...

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Journey to Enlightenment

Posted in Events at 09 May, 2014

Join Dr. Deepak Chopra during his only public appearance in Australia in 2014, when he will examine the experiential understanding of consciousness and how the convergence of science and spirituality can liberate us from the constrains of the mind. Dr. Ch...

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An excellent suprise

An Excellent Suprise
Posted in Location at 08 May, 2014

Coming back from a wander down Coolum Beach this morning, I was greeted with this excellent rainbow as I turned into Seacove Lane on my return home....

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Early Morning Surfer

Early Morning Surfer
Posted in Attractions at 07 May, 2014

A lone surfer enjoys the early morning swell at Coolum Beach. Seacove Resort - Just Enjoying the Moment....

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A Sunday Roadtrip

A Sunday Roadtrip
Posted in Attractions at 05 May, 2014

Being such a beautiful day on Sunday, we took off on a bit of a road trip to explore the Maleny Region on the Sunshine Coast. We visited Gardners Falls and had a bit of a swim and lunch with friends. The kids had a ball, but we have to admit the water was...

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Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny Days Ahead
Posted in Attractions at 01 May, 2014

As I sit in the office looking out at this overcast day, it cheers me up when I look at the weather forecast and see sunny days ahead. It should be very similar to this. Seacove Resort, Enjoying the Moment....

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Kayaking on Maroochy River

Kayaking On Maroochy River
Posted in Attractions at 28 April, 2014

We went kayaking on the weekend down at Maroochy River. Great weather and the kids had a ball racing the kayak. Just enjoying the moment on the Sunshine Coast....

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Waterproof iPhone

Waterproof Iphone
Posted in Accommodation at 27 April, 2014

Robbie picked up a new case for his phone the other day, which just happens to be waterproof. Robbie was a bit nervous taking his phone into the pool at first, but once the case proved its integrity we had a lot of fun taking photos and listening to music...

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Stunning Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Stunning Sunrise At Coolum Beach
Posted in Location at 24 April, 2014

The School Holidays are over and we are still seeing stunning sunrises over Coolum Beach. There is a slight nip in the air to remind you that summer is over and the temperature may have sneaked down to 15 degrees for about 30 seconds early this morning. G...

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How to wear an 8 year old boy out, perhaps.

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Perhaps
Posted in Location at 13 April, 2014

The last couple of days has seen a bit of rain falling on the Sunshine Coast, great for the plants and lawns. Sunday saw a break in the rain so we packed the backpack with some hot cross buns, a thermos of hot chocolate and set off for Mount Coolum. I mis...

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How to wear an 8 Year old boy out, day 6

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Day 6
Posted in Location at 09 April, 2014

It has been another fantastic start to the day here at Coolum Beach. Hunter was awake early and after a quick breakfast was fuelled up and ready for a surf. The surf was coming in so nicely that Hunter and Robbie soon lost track of time. After catching a...

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How to wear an 8 year old boy out, maybe?

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Maybe
Posted in Location at 07 April, 2014

The 2014 April school holiday have started and Robbie's master plan of wearing Hunter out is well under way. It is not a complicated plan and revolves around salt water, fresh air and early mornings. Hunter has been keen to go for either an early morning...

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Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Sunrise At Coolum Beach
Posted in Location at 03 April, 2014

There are some mornings when your breath is just taken away when that big ball of burning gas bursts over the horizon. This was one of those mornings for us. This is when you just have to enjoy the moment, here at Coolum Beach....

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Saturday Fun at Underwater World Sea Life

Saturday Fun At Underwater World Sea Life
Posted in Attractions at 31 March, 2014

I am not sure how the weather was on the rest of the eastern seaboard last Saturday, but for those on the Sunshine Coast it went from sunshine, to rain and then back to sunshine. We decided to pack up the kids and rediscover Underwater World Sea Life at M...

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What to do on a rainy day?

What To Do On A Rainy Day2
Posted in Attractions at 26 March, 2014

It is shaping up to be a wet weekend ahead, there is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Sunshine Coast is going to be a bit wet. However it does not mean that you have to become frustrated and bored over the weekend. Our short list of staying sane ove...

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Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast 2014

Average Joes Filthy Mudders 2013
Posted in Events at 26 March, 2014

Guests to Seacove Resort may remember that Robbie and a few like-minded individuals formed a team to take part in the Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder event last year. The lads are at it again for 2014. The organisers for Tough Mudder have promised new obstacl...

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Surfing Lessons at Coolum Beach

Surfing Lessons At Coolum Beach
Posted in Attractions at 24 March, 2014

Sunday mornings for the last few weeks have been a busy time for us, as Hunter has been taking part in surfing lessons with Coolum Surfing School. The weather has been spectacular of late and we have enjoyed a number of near perfect Sundays down at Coolum...

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Lunch - To Relax and Reflect Part 2

Lunch To Relax And Reflect Part 2
Posted in Attractions at 21 March, 2014

As we pondered and discussed the two previous taste sensations, Craig was just getting started. We were blown away by the Slow roasted pork belly with sauerkraut and apple parsley leaf salad. Next up was the Crispy Snapper which was served with a pea,baby...

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Lunch - To Relax and Reflect

Lunch To Relax And Reflect
Posted in Location at 20 March, 2014

Kim-Leigh and I were fortunate to be invited to a Concierge Lunch at Pitchfork Restaurant, which just happened to coincide with my birthday. Years ago we were told that lunch was a time to take a break from the working day, as well as being there to feed...

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Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Sunrise At Coolum Beach 1
Posted in Location at 19 March, 2014

We are certainly enjoying this fantastic weather of late. The calendar tells us it is autumn, but it still feels like summer here at Seacove Resort Coolum Beach....

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A perfect start to the day

A Perfect Start To The Day
Posted in Location at 18 March, 2014

Everyone keeps telling us that it is Autumn, but it feels like summer here at Coolum Beach. Seacove Resort - Just enjoying the moment....

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Our First Blog

Posted in Attractions at 16 March, 2014

It may be a little wrong to say that Robbie and Kim-Leigh-Leigh have been dragged kicking and screaming into the technological age. They are embracing the change, just not as quick as some. That said Robbie has a vague understanding of some aspects of soc...

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