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April 2014 Blog Archive

Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny Days Ahead
Posted in Attractions at 01 May, 2014

As I sit in the office looking out at this overcast day, it cheers me up when I look at the weather forecast and see sunny days ahead. It should be very similar to this. Seacove Resort, Enjoying the Moment....

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Kayaking on Maroochy River

Kayaking On Maroochy River
Posted in Attractions at 28 April, 2014

We went kayaking on the weekend down at Maroochy River. Great weather and the kids had a ball racing the kayak. Just enjoying the moment on the Sunshine Coast....

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Waterproof iPhone

Waterproof Iphone
Posted in Accommodation at 27 April, 2014

Robbie picked up a new case for his phone the other day, which just happens to be waterproof. Robbie was a bit nervous taking his phone into the pool at first, but once the case proved its integrity we had a lot of fun taking photos and listening to music...

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Stunning Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Stunning Sunrise At Coolum Beach
Posted in Location at 24 April, 2014

The School Holidays are over and we are still seeing stunning sunrises over Coolum Beach. There is a slight nip in the air to remind you that summer is over and the temperature may have sneaked down to 15 degrees for about 30 seconds early this morning. G...

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How to wear an 8 year old boy out, perhaps.

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Perhaps
Posted in Location at 13 April, 2014

The last couple of days has seen a bit of rain falling on the Sunshine Coast, great for the plants and lawns. Sunday saw a break in the rain so we packed the backpack with some hot cross buns, a thermos of hot chocolate and set off for Mount Coolum. I mis...

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How to wear an 8 Year old boy out, day 6

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Day 6
Posted in Location at 09 April, 2014

It has been another fantastic start to the day here at Coolum Beach. Hunter was awake early and after a quick breakfast was fuelled up and ready for a surf. The surf was coming in so nicely that Hunter and Robbie soon lost track of time. After catching a...

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How to wear an 8 year old boy out, maybe?

How To Wear An 8 Year Old Boy Out Maybe
Posted in Location at 07 April, 2014

The 2014 April school holiday have started and Robbie's master plan of wearing Hunter out is well under way. It is not a complicated plan and revolves around salt water, fresh air and early mornings. Hunter has been keen to go for either an early morning...

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Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Sunrise At Coolum Beach
Posted in Location at 03 April, 2014

There are some mornings when your breath is just taken away when that big ball of burning gas bursts over the horizon. This was one of those mornings for us. This is when you just have to enjoy the moment, here at Coolum Beach....

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