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March 2014 Blog Archive

Saturday Fun at Underwater World Sea Life

Saturday Fun At Underwater World Sea Life
Posted in Attractions at 31 March, 2014

I am not sure how the weather was on the rest of the eastern seaboard last Saturday, but for those on the Sunshine Coast it went from sunshine, to rain and then back to sunshine. We decided to pack up the kids and rediscover Underwater World Sea Life at M...

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What to do on a rainy day?

What To Do On A Rainy Day2
Posted in Attractions at 26 March, 2014

It is shaping up to be a wet weekend ahead, there is no way to sugar coat the fact that the Sunshine Coast is going to be a bit wet. However it does not mean that you have to become frustrated and bored over the weekend. Our short list of staying sane ove...

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Tough Mudder Sunshine Coast 2014

Average Joes Filthy Mudders 2013
Posted in Events at 26 March, 2014

Guests to Seacove Resort may remember that Robbie and a few like-minded individuals formed a team to take part in the Sunshine Coast Tough Mudder event last year. The lads are at it again for 2014. The organisers for Tough Mudder have promised new obstacl...

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Surfing Lessons at Coolum Beach

Surfing Lessons At Coolum Beach
Posted in Attractions at 24 March, 2014

Sunday mornings for the last few weeks have been a busy time for us, as Hunter has been taking part in surfing lessons with Coolum Surfing School. The weather has been spectacular of late and we have enjoyed a number of near perfect Sundays down at Coolum...

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Lunch - To Relax and Reflect Part 2

Lunch To Relax And Reflect Part 2
Posted in Attractions at 21 March, 2014

As we pondered and discussed the two previous taste sensations, Craig was just getting started. We were blown away by the Slow roasted pork belly with sauerkraut and apple parsley leaf salad. Next up was the Crispy Snapper which was served with a pea,baby...

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Lunch - To Relax and Reflect

Lunch To Relax And Reflect
Posted in Location at 20 March, 2014

Kim-Leigh and I were fortunate to be invited to a Concierge Lunch at Pitchfork Restaurant, which just happened to coincide with my birthday. Years ago we were told that lunch was a time to take a break from the working day, as well as being there to feed...

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Sunrise at Coolum Beach

Sunrise At Coolum Beach 1
Posted in Location at 19 March, 2014

We are certainly enjoying this fantastic weather of late. The calendar tells us it is autumn, but it still feels like summer here at Seacove Resort Coolum Beach....

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A perfect start to the day

A Perfect Start To The Day
Posted in Location at 18 March, 2014

Everyone keeps telling us that it is Autumn, but it feels like summer here at Coolum Beach. Seacove Resort - Just enjoying the moment....

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Our First Blog

Posted in Attractions at 16 March, 2014

It may be a little wrong to say that Robbie and Kim-Leigh-Leigh have been dragged kicking and screaming into the technological age. They are embracing the change, just not as quick as some. That said Robbie has a vague understanding of some aspects of soc...

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